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The latest updates from the ETH2 roadmap

As outlined in an updated briefing from Ethereum Foundation developer Tim Beiko, there is currently no official data for the Merge. According to Beiko, the network’s much-anticipated shift to proof-of-stake might not come until the fall. A date will be set only once client teams are confident that the software implementations have been thoroughly tested and are bug-free. As of April 2022, all client teams have in-progress implementations, which have been tested using test suites, the launch of new testnets and shadow forks. Shadow forks run against both existing testnets and the Ethereum mainnet, which have revealed implementation issues in clients. When the clients work without issues on shadow forks, the existing Ethereum testnets (Ropsten, Goerli) will run through the Merge. A timeline for the Merge will be set after testnets are successfully upgraded and prove to be stable. Unlike previous upgrades, the Merge will not be triggered by a particular block, but by a total difficulty value. This will be harder to estimate. The difficult bomb is expected to start emerging around May. It will become intense in June and July and will make blocks unbearable (15-20 seconds) by August. In case the client teams do not believe they will be able to deploy the Merge to mainnet before block times are slowed so much, this will need to be postponed again. A list of tasks to be completed before the Merge is available here.


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Source: EUBlockcahin

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